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What are the adding methods of talc powder manufacturer in plastic industry

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What are the adding methods of talc powder manufacturer in plastic industry

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Talc powder can improve the product performance of plastic products, so what are the adding methods of talc powder in plastic products?

1. Direct addition method: talc powder manufacturer mixes talc powder directly with plastic material and extrudes it into modified plastic material by twin-screw extruder. This is a commonly used method in plastic modification and also an economical method.

2. Filling master batch method: talc powder and plastic carrier are mixed to form high content master batch by extruder granulation. This master batch can be directly mixed with plastic raw materials, and finished product processing by extrusion and injection. This method is easy to use, but the dispersibility is not good and the products with low quality requirements can be used.

3. Carrier-free masterbatch process: talc powder is processed into a carrier-free loose particle, and then mixed with plastic raw materials, which can reduce dust pollution in the production process and improve the working environment; moreover, it can improve the uniformity of materials, thereby improving product quality.

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