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The role of fine talc powder in various industries

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The role of fine talc powder in various industries

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The fine talc powder has the physical characteristics of fire resistance, insulation and high melting point. The chemical property of Liaoning talc powder is not active and acid resistance. Because the crystalline structure of fine talc powder is layered, it is easy to split into fish scales and a special lubrication. If the content of ferric dioxide is too high, the insulation of fine talc powder will be reduced.

Common types: industrial coatings grade fine talc powder used in white body pigments and various water-based, oil-based, resin industrial coatings, primer, protective paint and other papermaking grade talc powder, used in various paper and paperboard fillers, wood asphalt control agent

Plastic grade talc powder: fillers for plastics such as polypropylene, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene and polyester

Rubber-grade talc powder: fine talc powder for rubber fillers and anti-sticking agents for rubber products

Cable-grade talc powder: used as cable rubber reinforcing agent and cable isolating agent

Ceramic Talc Powder: Making Electric Porcelain, Radio Porcelain, Various Industrial Ceramics, Building Ceramics, Domestic Ceramics and Porcelain Glazes, etc.

Waterproof material grade talc powder: fine talc powder is used for waterproof rolls, waterproof coatings, waterproof ointment and other fine talc powder, paint coatings, plastics, cable rubber, cosmetics, copper board paper coatings, textile lubricants, etc.

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