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Application of talc powder in industrial products

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Application of talc powder in industrial products

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In modern society, many industries are inseparable from the application of talc powder, talc powder as an indispensable raw material for industrial products, Haicheng talc powder is rich in resources, good physical properties, low prices, mainly as lubricants and fillers added to industrial products, thereby improving the physical properties of products. For example, the plastic industry needs talc powder as filler. The addition of Liaoning talc powder can improve many properties of plastics, such as surface hardness, forming shrinkage, tensile strength, impact resistance and so on. Moreover, the price of talc powder is only about one fifth of the price of plastics, so it is very important to reduce the cost of raw materials for plastics products and improve the company's profits in the highly competitive industry.

Haicheng talc powder export

    In different plastic materials, the application characteristics of Haicheng talc powder are also different. The addition of talc powder to ABS and nylon is mainly to improve heat resistance and shrinkage. Talc powder is added to polyethylene mainly because of its rigidity, heat resistance, shrinkage and cost reduction. Talc powder is widely used in polypropylene, which can improve the overall strength, heat resistance, shrinkage and rigidity.

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