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Talking about the Surface Modification of Talc Powder

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Talking about the Surface Modification of Talc Powder

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The chemical stability of talc powder in Liaoning Province is relatively stable compared with other auxiliary agents. It can be applied to all kinds of paper sizing systems. Compared with fillers such as kaolin and calcium carbonate, it can save the amount of chemical additives. After processing, it can make the paper have better sizing effect. In the coating system, it can be used with various latex and auxiliary agents. Additives, pigments and other excellent compatibility, soft texture, talc powder processing can reduce the wear of processing equipment and brushing equipment, thereby improving the overall decorative effect of paper.

Liaoning talc powder added in plastics generally needs to be modified to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of plastic products.

Surfactant was coated on the surface of talc powder particles in Liaoning Province, giving new properties to the surface of the particles. This method combines surfactant or coupling agent with particle surface by adsorbing or chemical bonding, so that the particle surface can be changed from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, and the compatibility between particle and polymer can be improved. This method is widely used at present.

Some groups or functional groups compatible with polymers are grafted on the surface of particles by chemical reaction, so that inorganic particles and polymers have better compatibility, thus achieving the purpose of inorganic particles and polymers composite. The surface of Liaoning talc powder was modified by high energy discharge, ultraviolet radiation and plasma radiation, so as to make its surface active and improve the compatibility between the particles and polymers.

Production of talc powder in Haicheng City

   The bigger particles in Liaoning talc powder are smashed and rubbed to make them smaller. In this process, the surface activity of the particles becomes larger, i.e. the surface adsorption ability is enhanced, and other substances are easily absorbed. The process is simplified, the cost is reduced, and the quality of the products is easy to control.

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