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How to store talc powder reasonably?

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How to store talc powder reasonably?

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Talc powder is a common product in family life. Talc powder in Liaoning Province is a common material in daily life and a common product in processing, production and life. We are all impressed by the unique function of talc powder. In the past, when we did not know about talc powder, we always thought that talc powder is a powder material, like limestone powder, because the name of talc powder is so special that people can not imagine the appearance of talc powder, can not imagine how talc powder is a common product of life, but in fact, few people in family life can understand the contribution of talc powder.

The talc powder at home seems to have only a little effect, but the talc powder at home is not only used for drawing lines, but also doped with talc powder in our cosmetics.

Talc powder of Liaoning Province

For talc powder, the lower the refrigeration temperature, the better. Some people like to keep multi-dose bottles in refrigerators which need to be used many times. Is this reasonable? Experts said that for multi-dose and multiple-use packaging, in order to prevent bacteria from growing after opening, it is recommended that it should be properly refrigerated after opening, such as eye drops (without preservatives, easily contaminated bacteria), medicines containing aromatic volatile components, etc. Friendship hints: Usually, the shelf life of medicines depends on the preservation conditions of the instructions, "normal temperature" usually refers to 10 ~30 (?); "shady" is below 20 (?); "cold place" refers to 2 (?)~8 (?)

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