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How talc powder is crushed

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How talc powder is crushed

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The production process of talc powder is roughly as follows: talc is first broken by feeder into hammer crusher; materials crushed by talc powder manufacturer enter into vertical dryer through bucket elevator and oscillating feeder; materials after drying are crushed by hammer crusher and then into Raymond mill after fine grinding, talc powder enters airflow mill for ultra-fine destruction.

The technological process of talc high-speed mechanical impact superfine damage is as follows: talc-crusher (hammer crusher) - high-speed mechanical impact superfine damage machine - Turbine fine classifier - cyclone aggregate - packaging is usually talc fragmentation to 8 mm and then directly into mechanical impact superfine damage machine. The damaged products are classified by turbine fine classifier and then used cyclone aggregate. Collect. The graded product can be returned to the mill or used as a product alone. The centrifugal self-grinding and rotary mill ultra-fine grinding processes of talc are generally similar to those of high-speed mechanical impact ultra-fine destruction processes.

Talc powder is widely used as reinforcing filler of polypropylene, nylon and other polymer matrix composites. The surface modification can improve the affinity between talc powder and polymer and the dispersion of talc powder filler in polymer matrix, so as to improve the physical and mechanical properties of composites.

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