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Current Situation of Talc Powder Resources in the World

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Current Situation of Talc Powder Resources in the World

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Talc production and resources in China. China's talc reserves are about 100 million tons, most provinces and regions have production. There are 19 talc mines above Liaoning talc powder County office. The output is about 950,000 tons, which occupies the third place in the world. At the same time, China is also one of the main exporters of talc.

Production of Haicheng Talc Powder

Talc production and resources in the world. The main talc producing countries in the world are the United States, France, South Korea and the Soviet Union. The annual output of the United States is about 1.2 million tons, with an estimated reserves of 150 million tons, that of France about 400,000 tons and that of the Soviet Union about 500,000 tons. Other talc producing countries are Canada, Italy, Finland, Norway, Austria, Federal Germany, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Japan and India. The annual output of talc (including saponite and pyrophyllite) in the world is 5.4 million tons. The largest exporter of talc is the United States. Finland, Austria, Australia and Spain are also important exporters. Japan was the largest importer, followed by the Federal Republic of Germany, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom

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