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Factors Affecting the Export of Talc Powder

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Factors Affecting the Export of Talc Powder

Date of release:2018-09-05 Author: Click:

Many talc powder manufacturers see the huge business opportunity of talc powder, not only opening up domestic shopping malls, but also trying to open overseas shopping malls through import and export. However, there are many unfavorable factors affecting their import and export:

First, international trade protectionism is prevalent, and the foreign trade environment of talc powder in China is deteriorating.

Secondly, China's domestic demand is weakening and its import power is lacking. The continued deceleration of domestic economic autonomy and the decline of FDI planning have led to the restraint of import demand.

Third, weak external demand for talc powder and declining orders. Manufacturing in the leading economies such as Europe, the United States and Japan continued to shrink, and unemployment rates reached new heights, slowing down the process of global economic recovery, with a marked lack of demand in shopping malls.

Fourthly, the rising production cost of domestic talc powder has weakened the competitive advantage of China's export products.

In view of the above, talc powder manufacturers should formulate the correct development strategy and marketing strategy to make talc powder develop better and faster.

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