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Five Points in the Process of Purification and Treatment of Talc Powder

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Five Points in the Process of Purification and Treatment of Talc Powder

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There is a process to purify talc powder. Every step of talc powder manufacturer needs us to carry out standard treatment. For each aspect, we should pay attention to when dealing with it. Here are the five aspects mentioned. Let's understand them together.

Flotation: Because talc has good natural floatability. Therefore, the hydrocarbon oil collector can be flotation. The commonly used collector is kerosene, flotation oil as foaming agent. The foam formed by methyl isobutyl methanol (MIBC) is brittle and easy to obtain high-quality concentrate. The flotation process of talc is relatively simple. The final concentrate can be 

Talc powder manufacturer

2. Hand-selected: Hand-selected according to the different slippery properties of talc powder and gangue minerals. Talc has good slippery property, higher grade and better slippery property. It is easy to identify by hand feeling. Most talc mines in China often produce high-grade talc by hand.

3. Electrostatic beneficiation: In addition to talc in talc ore. It also contains magnesite, magnetite, magnetite, tremolite and other minerals with a particle size of about 0.5 mm. In the electrostatic field, talc is negatively charged and magnesite is positively charged. Magnetite and magnetite are good conductors, so it is easy to separate the above minerals in electric field.

4. Magnetic separation: talc concentrate requires a certain fineness. It also has a certain whiteness. Because the presence of dyed iron ores in ores is sometimes insufficient, it is necessary to remove iron ores by magnetic separation. Wet magnetic separation can reduce the iron content of talc concentrate from 4% to 5% to less than 1%.

5. Photoelectric separation: Photoelectric separation is a separation method based on the different optical properties of talc and impurity minerals. The photoelectric separator includes preparation mechanism (ore bin, ore feeder, belt conveyor), radiation source and detector (sensor), electronic control circuit and actuator, etc. In addition, talc emits white fluorescence under ultraviolet radiation.

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