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On the Differential Use of Talc Powder Manufacturers and Calcium Carbonate

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On the Differential Use of Talc Powder Manufacturers and Calcium Carbonate

Date of release:2018-09-05 Author: Click:

Talc powder manufacturer products can be more popular in many industries, Liaoning talc powder, but we found that many people can not distinguish between talc powder and calcium carbonate, let's carefully understand the phenomenon.

In fact, the difference is relatively simple, talc powder shape is flaky, so it has higher stiffness, dimensional stability and heat-resistant temperature, good enhancement. Calcium carbonate is generally granular, so its stiffness and other aspects are not as good as talc powder, but its price is lower, and its whiteness is higher, while the impact toughness of plastics is less affected. Talc powder has nucleation effect on polypropylene, but calcium carbonate has no obvious effect in this respect.

Calcium carbonate can generally be divided into light calcium carbonate and heavy calcium carbonate, but talc powder does not have this distinction, talc powder is grinded from natural minerals.

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