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Beneficiation method of talc ore

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Beneficiation method of talc ore

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Talc is widely used in our daily life. Haicheng talc powder has few pure talc ores. Liaoning talc powder usually has other minerals, such as chlorite, magnesite, tremolite, dolomite, siderite, quartz, pyrite and so on. These minerals change the chemical composition of the ore, make the ore colored, and obviously affect the physical properties of the ore. In order to improve the quality of talc and meet the needs of industrial production, we need to process talc. There are many methods for talc beneficiation technology. It is very important to select suitable beneficiation technology and method. According to the analysis and test of minerals in the early stage, the most suitable beneficiation test is determined.

Haicheng Talc Powder Factory

Talc is named for its soft texture and strong slippery feeling. Talc is widely used in industry because of its high electrical insulation, thermal insulation, high melting point and strong adsorption to oil. In addition, talc is widely used in many fields such as medicine, chemical industry, textile, ceramics, sculpture and so on. Paper industry requires low iron content of talc. Therefore, the impurities of chromogenic elements such as iron, manganese, nickel and titanium are harmful impurities. We need to remove iron from talc to obtain high quality talc.

(1) Flotation

Because talc has good natural flotability, it can be flotation with hydrocarbon oil collector. The commonly used collector is kerosene, flotation oil foaming agent. Methyl isobutyl methanol. The foam is crisp and easy to obtain high quality flour. The flotation process of talc is relatively simple. The final concentrate can be obtained by only one roughing and sweeping and three to four concentrations. However, the size of talc concentrate is fine and dehydration is difficult.

(2) Hand-picked

Hand selection is based on the slippery nature of talc and gangue minerals. Talc has good slippery property, the higher the grade, the better the slippery property, and it is easy to identify by hand feeling. Most talc mines in China often produce high-grade talc by hand. In recent years, a kind of separator called riprap separator has been successfully developed abroad. It can separate talc from gangue according to the different frictional coefficients of ore, thus realizing the mechanization of talc manual selection.

(3) Electrostatic beneficiation

In addition to talc, talc ore also contains magnesite, magnetite, magnetite, tremolite and other minerals, with an embedded particle size of 0. About 5 mm, talc is negatively charged and magnesite is positively charged in the electrostatic field. Magnetite and magnetite are good conductors, so it is easy to separate the appeal minerals in the electric field.

(4) Magnetic separation

Talc concentrate requires not only a little fineness and purity, but also the first Baidu. Because of the existence of dyed iron ores in ores, flotation alone is not enough. Sometimes, magnetic separation is needed to remove iron-containing substances. There are examples of iron removal by magnetic separation in the Soviet Union and Canada. The iron content of talc concentrate can be reduced from 4-5% to 0.7 by wet magnetic separation.

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