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Talc powder manufacturers tell you four treasures

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Talc powder manufacturers tell you four treasures

Date of release:2018-09-05 Author: Click:

1. The influence of talc powder on the impact strength of plastic materials. Liaoning talc powder is similar to talc powder on the tensile strength of plastic materials. It was also found that the fineness of various mineral additives has a great influence on impact resistance. The greater the fineness, the better the data tolerance.

Talc powder of Liaoning Province

2. The flexural modulus, which is the rigidity of products, is a very important goal of plastic products, especially for engineering plastic products. When talc powder with white sheet structure is added to any kind of plastics, its flexural modulus can be improved obviously, and the progress can be doubled. For general mineral filling, this is the most obvious feature of talc powder.

3. Surface hardness and scratch resistance are also the requirements of some plastic products. The addition of talc powder in polyethylene and polypropylene plastics can effectively improve the surface hardness and scratch resistance of products.

4. Talc powder in plastics can be used to improve the forming shortening rate of plastic products, and then improve the appearance function of products. With the addition of talc powder content, the shortening rate of polypropylene plastics moulding decreases gradually. The addition of talc powder increases the viscosity and decreases the creep property of PP, which reduces the crystallinity of PP. The talc powder itself has no shortening, and then reduces the shortening rate of all data moulding.

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