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The Function of Transparent Talc Powder

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The Function of Transparent Talc Powder

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Transparent talc powder is often used as primer for abrasive coatings filled with polypropylene and transparent talc powder.

The characteristics of talc mill are that epoxy resin is used as adhesive, diaminodiphenyl sulfone as curing agent, silicon dioxide as heat-resistant filler, and mixed solvents are added to form wearable coating primer filled with transparent talc powder.

How about Haicheng talc powder

Transparent talc powder has good bonding properties and excellent shear resistance. It can be used in hot air environment with high temperature (less than 200 C) and high pressure (less than 3MPa) as working medium to match the surface of abrasive coatings filled with transparent talc powder. It can enhance the bonding strength, adjust the matching performance between coatings and substrates, and make the abrasive coatings filled with transparent talc powder effectively develop. The wear-resistant self-lubricating performance and dynamic sealing function are exerted to effectively improve the working efficiency of aero-engine.

Transparent talc powder is synthesized from pure natural raw materials. It is non-toxic and harmless. It is easy to be stored and transported for a long time. It can be used with cold water. It has rice fragrance, strong adhesion, good fastness, smooth and wearable surface and moisture resistance.

The talc powder factory tells you that the preparation method of transparent talc powder is simple, the process is stable and the operation is simple. When using, the transparent talc powder can be directly added to cellulose and latex to prepare putty for use.

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