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Use of talc powder in paper industry

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Use of talc powder in paper industry

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Talc powder has the characteristics of soft texture, low wear, good chemical stability, high reflectivity and hydrophobicity, so talc powder manufacturers can improve the mechanical properties of paper, reduce the dry cost and improve the printing effect.

Talc powder is a kind of minute particle with negative charge, especially the wet talc powder with better water will present higher double-layer points on its surface. On the other hand, talc powder is not easy to be pulled out of the air and wetted by water because of its low surface performance, which then affects its dispersibility, and then restricts its mercy on the fibers. Many experiments have proved that talc powder is not easy to be pulled out of the air and wetted by water. Paper produced by using talc powder is not only very lubricating and delicate in appearance, but also very comfortable in use, and the storage time is longer. Because the general paper will rot when damped, talc powder is chosen, so it will not easily damp, so the time of storage will be longer.

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