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Cleaning Refrigerator with Haicheng Talc Powder Skillfully

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Cleaning Refrigerator with Haicheng Talc Powder Skillfully

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At present, talc powder is not new to us. It is widely used. Talc powder is a non-toxic, harmless and high-quality additive. However, Liaoning talc powder should be matched according to the amount of talc powder used. Large-scale inhalation of talc powder will have side effects, affecting physical health. Many people know that talc powder is a versatile chemical raw material, but you know that talc powder can also play a role in our kitchen, the following talc powder manufacturers will show us how to use talc powder to clean refrigerators.

Talc powder of Liaoning Province

1. When the accessories in the box are dirty and dirty, they should be removed and cleaned with clean water or detergent. Dry cloth is used to wipe the surface of electrical parts.

2. Regularly tidy refrigerators at least twice a year. When tidy refrigerator should first cut off the power supply, dip in water or dishware detergent with soft cloth, quietly wipe, and then dip in water to wipe away the detergent.

3. In order to prevent harmful coating on the outside of the box and plastic parts inside the box, do not use detergent powder, detergent powder, talc powder, alkaline detergent, boiling water, oils, brushes and other cleaning refrigerators.

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