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Differences in the Use of Talc Powder and Heavy Calcium Powder

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Differences in the Use of Talc Powder and Heavy Calcium Powder

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What is Talc Powder in Liaoning Province


Both talc powder and calcium carbonate are used for filling. Their main purposes are:

1 Increase dimensional stability (i.e. decrease in shrinkage)

2 Increase the stiffness of materials

3. Increase the heat resistance of materials

4. Reducing the cost of materials and other aspects

But there are also some defects: 1. the density increases; 2. the impact toughness decreases when the material is not used properly; 3. the gloss of the material decreases.

Talc powder has the same granularity as calcium carbonate, generally 300 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh and 2500 mesh, of course, there are more fine, and generally used in plastics can choose 800 mesh and 1250 mesh, so that the performance/price ratio is the highest.

The price of talc powder fluctuates somewhat. Generally speaking, there is no big problem to fix the price according to the number of items. For example, the general price of 800 meshes is between 700 and 850 yuan, and that of 1250 meshes is between 1000 and 1280 yuan. It is abnormal for prices to be too high or too low.

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