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There are several colours of talc powder.

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There are several colours of talc powder.

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Talc powder has two main colors:

1. White, 2. White-like.

The two kinds of talc powder are mainly made from high quality talc ore as raw material, through mining, washing, air-drying, crushing, grinding and other processes. Talc powder products have the characteristics of high whiteness, uniform particle distribution, narrow particle size distribution and oil absorption.

Composition of Talc Powder in Liaoning Province

For many years, we have been in large-scale production, intensive management, strong technical force and perfect after-sales service, and unremitting research and development, innovation. Eventually, competitive goods and services will be provided to our customers.

At present, with the joint efforts of all employees, the enterprise has won many honors. And enterprises accumulate and use e-commerce to develop our main business, talc powder price is more reasonable in the same industry, widely favored by customers.

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